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Good quality LED street light-N series for sales
Good quality LED street light-N series for sales
Good LED Supplier in Shenzhen

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  • Production Line


    Auto pick and place machine
    Semi-Auto solder paste printing machine
    Reflow oven/ Reflow soldering oven
    Wave soldering oven
    Up-Loading or down-loading conveyor
    Pcb &CFL insertion line
    LED testing machine




    2016, NOMO expanded the production and operation capability,the overall level is improved on a new stage , high standard production equipments, scientific management of production, enhance the quality control system, high educated R & D team , strict testing and inspection with complete testing equipment.Workshop cover more than 2,000 square meters, various types of production equipment available. With basis of technical support, NOMO target at producing high-quality outdoor lighting,integrated solar lights and solar lighting system, focus on own advanced technology of solar panel production , controlling solutions , and intelligient operation.




    Nomo solar light systems are a widely used economic and environmental choice that can increase efficiency in any outdoor lighting system that requires a high amount of lighting at night. Outdoor lighting is one of the top expenses for a business or a community, and solar LED outdoor lights are the only solution that permanently reduces lighting budgets through monthly savings on utility bills and low installation costs. Areas that have an established outdoor lighting infrastructure which is going bad can sidestep the cost of repair by installing solar LED fixtures. New projects can also benefit immensely with solar outdoor lighting because there is no need for trenching, wiring and similar preparations necessary for traditional lighting systems. NOMO SOLAR STREET lights are a perfect example of STREET lights can have low operation costs, improved security and enhanced visibility. NOMO’s lights use premium LED fixtures, producing an excellent and steady source of light while reducing electrical needs. The LEDs in solar lights are scientifically proven to be more illuminating than the standard HPS lampsor others and also have the added effect of dividing the light evenly within an area. Solar outdoor LEDs make a public statement Businesses that choose to light spaces, and other outdoor areas through solar panels publicly state their commitment to sustainability. As the society is becoming more environmentally aware, NOMO make a business more prominent in the market and among customers. NOMO makes it easy for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their bottom line with economically and environmentally superior outdoor lights. Comprehensive services NOMO’s commitment to excellence in product and service quality is reflected in the broad range of offered services that can adapt to every project’s needs. We offer customized solutions that tailor the color, brightness, back-up time, working time, wattage and lumen output to the specific needs of clients’ projects. NOMO can cover any application required by the project – solar street lights, solar parking lot lights, solar pathway lights, solar security lighting, solar home lighting and many more.





    What is OEM and ODM?

    Ever heard of OEM and ODM? These two acronyms are buzzwords in the manufacturing industry. While some people incorrectly assume they can be used interchangeably, an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is quite different from an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). Buyers (that’s you!) provide the designs to OEMs, while ODMs take charge of the designs and overall specifications.

    Sounds simple, right? It is! However, understanding these two types of manufacturing company in depth, and not just by their definitions, will help you to choose the right manufacturers for your business and the products that you’d like to build or design. You must also keep in mind that both imply some caveats which, if overlooked, could actually risk your business.

    What is OEM?

    Do you have a unique product design? Have you spent millions of dollars on research and development for that exceptional product, but you need a third-party company to assemble and make things happen for you? Then, you’d have to work with OEM companies on the manufacturing process.  This means giving [or licensing??]  them everything you’ve got on that blueprint and selling the finished products under your brand name. We don’t have to go further to think of good examples: Apple spends on R&D and innovations with their own product lines and lets Foxconn fabricate everything from scratch.

    What is ODM?

    Alternatively, if you want the manufacturer to create the overall design and specifications of your product, you must search for ODM companies within your industry sphere. If you have limited resources in building and creating designs, ODM companies can turn your concepts into concrete and tangible items.

    Tell them what you need and the expectations of your company’s customers and stakeholders. In this approach, the ODMs take care of the R&D, product concepts, testing and manufacturing.

    More insights on OEM and ODM

    OEMs and ODMs aren’t limited to technology and consumer electronics; they also work in the fashion and other industries, depending on the business models and product designing process of the overseas buyers. China is now one of the top global destinations for OEM and ODM sourcing.

    In a nutshell, with an OEM, you’re the provider of ideas and specs, while the ODM’s concept is the reverse of this.

    But how far can you go working with these manufacturers? For OEMs, the greatest caveat is that allowing these manufacturers to see your top-secret product formulas could cause a breach of your intellectual property rights and the production of copycats of a product on whose R&D you’ve spent thousands of dollars. So, you have to find a supplier or manufacturer that’s reliable and honest, and send someone to the on-site production to monitor progress and quality.

    Meanwhile, with the ODM, the greatest caveat is that the buyer has little or no control on the product specifications and designs. As a buyer, you have to set boundaries on these matters.

    Choosing between the two depends on the type of products you want to sell, the resources you have and are willing to invest, and the budget on hand.




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    How available are replacement batteries?


    The battery is available to replaced and it is designed as drawer, simply you can take the old battery out and put in the new battery.

    We have also provided detailed (easy) instructions and pictures for changing the battery in the light, there are screws at the base to take out,and the easy reassembly accomplished. we have already tried it with success in our projects.  


     What height and size area would it light roughly?


    The light spreads out at a 90°X360°angle adjustable holder ,non-shadow, and should give you about wide square of light depending on the angle that it is mounted at.




    Third party selling reviews.





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    Research and Development (R&D)

    We have more than 20years LED experinced engineer 5 person

    and 15 persons with more than 10 years research and development experiences 


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